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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a broker? is not a broker. All deals are made directly between the buyer and seller.

What’s the cost of using

Users can post listings on absolutely free. Once a deal is made and the contract has been signed, the seller is due to pay 3% of the contract value. However, this payment can be broken up into monthly installments depending on the tonnage and the length of the delivery timeframe. The seller will pay each month there is tonnage delivered.

How do I know that the other party is legitimate? has a vetting process in place for all new users. Before users are allowed to buy or sell, they must be vetted.

What are the benefits of using versus my current suppliers? unites more buyers and sellers in a marketplace that otherwise may not have ever met. Its easy, convenient, and you save time compared to the "old" way. Since both parties contact info is not exchanged until the deal is made, you can be sure that there is complete transparency the whole way through. Furthermore there are other tools in your tool bag when using Get an accurate feel for what prices are doing in your area with our sales average tool.

Can I access on my phone? can be accessed on a mobile device. However, we recommend using a computer to have the best experience.

Can I be a buyer and a seller on under one account?

Yes you can. Use the button on your dashboard to switch back and forth.

How long does it take for my account to be verified?

Accounts are usually verified within 24 hours.

If I encounter an issue, who do I contact?

You can either send us a message using the "Contact Us" link, or you can call us at (833) 472-4628.

How many listings can I have posted at one time?

There is no limit to how many listings you can have.

Do listings expire?

Listings expire at the end of the listed delivery timeframe.

Can I contact the buyer or seller directly?

As stated in the T&C's, all communication between parties is to be done through the site until a contract has been signed by both parties, and the seller has paid the connection fee. At this point, contact info will be given out and the final delivery terms will be settled between the buyer and the seller away from

Who do I pay when I receive my loads?

Payment for products purchased on is exchanged directly between buyer and seller. does not handle any payments.

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